The Major Oak – past to present

Judy and the Major 2012

Judy and the Major 1960

Members of the Ancient Tree Hunt reconstruct an antique photo taken under the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest about 50 years ago. Judy Dowling is in both pictures!- can you spot who she is? She visited the Major Oak as a young girl with her family and that moment is captured on this old photo. Decades later she becomes one of the highly valued volunteer verifiers on the Ancient Tree Hunt team and returns with them to reconstruct this photo. Do you also recognise who plays the old codger leaning against the base of the tree? A clue is that he is not in the video…..The value of photos and images of trees is immense. Do record your favourite trees on the Ancient Tree Hunt and upload images as often as you like. In 50 years time they might make an interesting blog….Also present: David Alderman, Steve Waters, Eddie Parker, Alison Evershed and Louise Hackett. Modern photo credit to Eddie Parker.


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  1. 1

    Sean Freeman said,

    Lovely comparative photos, do you know when the burl was removed and why?

  2. 2

    Unfortunately no. Perhaps when the big limb to the right came off and was cleared away….

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