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Byron’s Oak – did Byron’s poem come true?

In 1798, the 11 year old Byron planted an oak tree at Newstead Abbey. Sometime later, returning to the Abbey, he found the oak overgrown with weeds and almost dead. 200 years later, Jill goes to see this famous oak marked on OS maps – to find out how the tree fares now……

Byron wrote “Young Oak! when I planted thee deep in the ground, I hoped that thy days would be longer than mine….I water thy stem with my tears, …neglect may have bade thee expire. Oh live then my Oak! Lift thy head for a while, tow’r aloft from the weeds, That clog thy young growth…..”


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The Oak Tree and Jill walkabout at Annersley

The Oak Tree (aka Kaye Brennan – campaigner with the Woodland Trust) and Jill join Dave Wood who is walking the Sherwood Forest boundary on a creative perambulation and ACCESS. A walk around Annesley taking in the new All Saints Church, Byrons Walk, Old All Saints Church. Along the way Jill chat’s to Dave about his walk.

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