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Avenues, alleyways and boulevards – join in the blog

Did you go to the recent event organised by Treeworks? THere is a lot of discussion on this subject now on their blogsite Why not join in


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One of those walking lime trees

On a visit to Lydney Park in Gloucestershire, Ted and Jill come across a fantastic, phoenix, small leaved lime tree. It has everything – aerial roots, walking limbs – what a character.

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David Lonsdale’s ancient beech

David explains how he first came across the Vernditch beech near Martin Down NNR in Wiltshire 35 years ago. Sadly the beech is now in sudden decline – read the symptoms with him. What could be the possible causes? This trees is one of a very few veteran beech in this ancient woodland which was once an outlier of the great Cranbourne Chase and now managed by the Forestry Commission.

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The ancient, ancient yews of Kingley Vale

As Ted says: ‘everyone should visit this NNR and see this grove of ancient yews’. Some are said to be 2000 years old, many are hollow and layering. All are full of character. We would however like to see some more information about the trees themselves and how they are growing old – its such a popular site that more people could learn about what makes a tree ancient.

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