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This tree is really hungry – its eating words!

 Richard has sent in this image of another hungry tree from Pembroke Dock in South Wales. It obviously didnt want to support the sentiments on the signs!


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Greenwich Park – the good and the not so good

Greenwich as you all know is the proposed venue for the 2010 Olympic Equestrian Cross Country event so we have been visiting it a lot to find out what the impact will be on the historic trees. Go to the Ancient Tree Hunt website to see the trees that Steve Waters has recorded and the ones that we want properly safeguarded from the event if it is to go ahead at this site. Here are two videos – one showing the oldest tree in the park – the Queen Elizabeth I oak – now sadly fallen but highlighted and protected by fencing and an information plaque. Then take a look at the video about one of many of the historic sweet chestnuts where we are very concerned about the current damage to their root systems. We would like to see the root zones around these trees restored from compaction and no more damage from grass mowing.

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Creating bat habitat

Jill asks Guy to explain how he made bat habitat in the trunk of a dead, ancient beech tree during the Wereldboom event at Eindhoven.

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Music and dancing to launch Wereldboom

Listen to the different ways music helped to celebrate the launch of Wereldboom (World Tree) at Eindhoven in autumn 2009. The Town Band turned out and the tree climbers made music in the tree and danced about in the crown of the magnificent plane tree which was the centre piece of the whole 3 day event. And then there were those strange tree men wandering around……It was an amazing experience.

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Cows eating autumn leaves

Ted films some cows on Hungerford Common which are picking out the fallen autumn leaves that have green patches. These green areas are parts of the leaf with fungi that are drawing in nutrients from the rest of the leaf and preventing it from senescing. The cows ‘know’ that these are really good to eat and very nutritious.

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