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Save the Crewkerne Luccombe Oak

The Crewkerne Luccombe Oak is under threat of felling. Local campaigners are trying to stop this happening. You can find out more on Facebook  and on the Ancient Tree Hunt website


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The thousand year old oak of Lummen, Belgium

Ted and Jill go with Martine Lejeune to meet one of the oldest trees in Belgium Now  recognised by the community of Lummen and is being cared for – see the low fencing around it – a lovely gently hint to people not to trample its roots.

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Visiting the Duizendjarige Eik in Belgium

Lummen, Belgium

Lummen, Belgium

Leading the way to the old oak is a wonderful banner. A special car parking area has been prepared and ‘grandchildren’ from the 1000 year old oak have been planted around it to carry on the oak tradition into the future. Great stuff Belgium!

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Hanging garden?

hanging wood sorrel gardenTed finds a beautiful patch of aerial wood sorrel – growing on the top of a fallen oak tree. Its growing well off the ground just on moss – just supported by aerial decaying wood.

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