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Look what we found in North London, yesterday


Jill was out with colleagues from the Woodland Trust Conservation Team in Haringey Borough. We were there by invitation of Haringey Borough and City of London visiting some of the woods and heaths. Walking through Queen’s Wood we came across a lovely hornbeam pollard and Jill couldn’t resist recording it for the Ancient Tree Hunt – tree no 28040 – find out where it is by going to The bakers of London prized hornbeam faggots for making the best bread and hence London is ringed by hornbeam pollards and coppice.


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Colourful beetles and other bugs

Take a look at some of the model beetles and insects that the children made at the recent Ancient Tree Hunt event at Forest of Belvoir just on the outskirts of Belfast. Jill loves their great colours. The forest is home to a very special tree too the Belvoir Oak.

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Jill and James go to government for trees

Jill talks to her Woodland Trust, colleague James Cooper outside Eland House just before going for a meeting with the civil servants who are working on the changes to the Tree Preservation Order system. Eland House is the home of the Department of Communities and Local Government. The TPO changes are following on from the Planning Bill and are planned to be in place by April 2010. We are seeking changes in the regulations that mean that important dead, dying and dangerous trees no longer fall through the system and also a Register of Trees of Special Interest – champion, ancient, veteran and notable in historic and biodiversity sites and other heritage trees.

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How many people can you get inside a tree?

Count them coming out – you’ll need more than two hands!

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Ever been inside a hollow oak?

Take a virtual tour inside a hollow oak that we filled with people.

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Two elephants in the wood pastures of Europe

Ted shows us two elephant heads – one on a tree in the wood pastures near Vittoria Gasteiz in Basque Spain and one in Bears Rails the old deer park of Windsor Great Park. Can you see them?

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Hear about top Spanish pollard area from the top man himself

Asier Arrese talks  to Jill about the wonderful natural park – Aiako Harria (the stone of Harria) named after a legend. The ATF regularly visit this area to see the number of old pollard beech trees. The next visit will be in May 2009 when some ATF people will be speaking at a conference in San Sebastian – see the events pages www.ancient-tree– for details.

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