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Hollow gums in Australia

Sounds like some sort of dental problem. Here is a typical fire ‘damaged’ or veteranised tree in the Australian bush. Just one example of many, many trees that we saw all along our travels.



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The Explorer’s Tree, Blue Mountains, Australia

Meet the tree that marked the route along which the first explorers, Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Wentworth first found a way through the Blue Mountains in May 1831.  In 1884 they put the ‘hat’ on this tree to help protect it as a monument for as long as possible.


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G’day Big Tree!

Jill eulogises on a massive river red gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, in the town of Myrtleford, Alpine Shire, Victoria, Australia – it’s the largest in the Shire and was a meeting place for aboriginal groups. Looking in the Tree Register’s book – it doesn’t look like this type of gum tree has been introduced into the UK. I wonder why not as they are very beautiful when you see them for real.


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