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The old granny pine of Mar Lodge, Caingorm National Park

Even a limb of this tree is much much bigger than most Scots Pines we normally see.


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The champion scots pine

Could you believe that a Scots Pine could be as big and as old as this tree? It’s a whopper. Ted measures the girth at just over 6m!

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The secret life of trees

Annette Jeffries talks to Ted about her felt sculpture that celebrates the life of a friend and an ancient tree in her garden which is in the exhibition in her house in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire.

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Beams and bathrooms

Trees and wood take you to the strangest places. Ted looks at some old oak beams in a bathroom in north Yorkshire

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Jay planted acorns

Ted spots two oak seedlings together near an ancient oak, but one is an interloper. How did it get there, how far did the jay bring it?

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Videoing the video makers of the Ancient Tree Hunt dvd

on a lovely hot sunny day, Ted talks to the makers of a short video to go in the Ancient Tree Hunt, Train the trainers pack. Ted introduces Kate our professional photographer, Helena an experienced film producer and Jorge Martin our producer for this video. To get a copy of Train the Trainers video and pack contact our Ancient Tree Hunt Team. Jorge and the team, especially Kate, did a brilliant job – thank you Jorge for such a great piece of work.

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Bunny bed

Ted is reminded of his old poaching days when he comes across a bunny bed in some long grass

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