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Kotten Forst find

Just when you least expect to find ancient trees especially fantastic old beech and hornbeam pollards they find you! These wonderful old beech pollards were discovered in an old forest near to Bonn by our contacts in Germany – Uwe Riecken, Peter Finck and Eckhard Schroder. The forest was once owned by the church and then one of the Dukes of Bonn. Ted and Jill estimated that there are more than 100 ancient pollards in this area making it one of the top sites in Europe. What a treasure trove to find at the start of their adventure in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Pics: Hollow beech pollard, Beech ent, Beech pollard,



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Ted and Jill talk about beech trees and climate change

Michael Blakenham lives in East Anglia and he asks Ted and Jill if they think beech trees will be one of the first affected by climate change.

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To re erect an ancient oak or not

Ted finds an old oak that has recently collapsed in Sherwood Forest and wonders if it could be stood up again so it once again provide the habitat of a standing aging tree.

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