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Woodland Trust trustees get hunting

Jill Butler talks to John Lake, chairman of the Woodland Trust trustees, at their day out in Belton Park


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Claus Matteck reads the body language of an old hollowing oak

The famous bio-machanical engineer, Claus Matteck shows Ted what is going on under the bark of an ancient oak. Bending his knees Claus demonstrates the buckling that is going on in the tissues of a cavity wall.

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National Farmers Union HQ has a veteran tree


Today I went with my colleague Jill A to meet Diane Mitchell at the NFU headquarters at the National Agricultural Centre at Stoneleigh to talk about the Ancient Tree Hunt. Its a lovely building with lots of windows – and imagine our amazement that it looks out on this wonderful veteran tree on their lawn and others even more ancient as well!

We measured it as having a girth of more than 5metres – very recordable on the Ancient Tree Hunt website. But also in view was the really enormous oak of Stoneleigh Abbey measuring well over 9m! Find out more about them at

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Some nice signs in Sherwood Forest


My trunk is full of holes

And gaps where creatures

Like to take a nap!

By poking or climbing me

You could destroy the homes

of creatures that live

in my wood

Thank you


I am very old and rare

And need lots of loving care.

So I can live longer, I plea,

Stay this side of the fence

And don’t climb on me.

Thank you

Ted spotted these signs in Sherwood Forest which he thought he would share with others.  He was visiting to do some filming for a new BBC programme ‘The nature of Britain’ that is coming out later this year.

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A sunny day in Richmond Park

re-richmond-005.jpgre-richmond-025.jpg re-richmond-006.jpg re-richmond-023.jpg re-richmond-022.jpg re-richmond-016.jpg re-richmond-002.jpg re-richmond-018.jpg

As Ted would say, ‘another lovely day’ and it was again yesterday in Richmond Park. My colleague, Jill Attenborough and I took the Green Team leaders from Reed Elsevier out to talk about trees, of course, and to introduce them to the Ancient Tree Hunt. You can see they’ve got the idea! We hope they’ll go back to their offices and inspire all their 40,000 or so colleagues to get out and record at least one tree each. Just imagine, if that happened we would make such a mark on our aspiration to record 500,000 ancient and veteran trees.

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